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Elegant Candlelight Wedding at The Pearle Hotel & Spa in Burlington; Wedding Photography & Video

Looking at Kylie + Mason's incredible intimate wedding in fall, everything was exquisite! A crisp fall day, falling leaves over the grass, black cherry merlot coloured bridesmaids dresses, and an elegant candlelight ceremony with the view of the lake; all made for a perfect wedding day!

Keep reading to find out 7 expert wedding day tips and tricks!


Your wedding day and the planning process are yours and yours only! Make sure to enjoy the process, every step of the way. Know that you have a team of professional videographers and photographers at VidMedia to capture your day beautifully as per your chosen production package!

We’re here to manage your media details; this is our full-time job so that it doesn’t have to be yours 😊


There's nothing quite like a wedding video - no matter the length of film you decide to go with!

While photos are magical and long-lasting, a video really brings the memory back to life in an instant. There is something different about HEARING your wedding vows, listening back on your speeches, re-watching the movements of your first dance, etc. that a photograph simply cannot do alone.


Of all the wedding traditions to grace modern-day weddings, the first look is our favourite. There are so many wonderful reasons to love the first look, if not only for the amazing photo memories that you'll have forever and ever.

The first look gives you and your soon-to-be-spouse a chance to enjoy a bit more time together on the day you spent so much time planning for!


Family is important at any wedding! They put on their best clothes and dancing shoes just for you. You are surrounded by so much love and support on your wedding day! Make sure you soak it all up and spend time with the ones that mean most to you.


We promise, in 5 or even 10 years, you won't remember the little details such as the color of your napkins or the pebbles in your centerpiece. Don't stress out over the little things, everything will work out. Focus on what you want your guests to say about your wedding after it's over. No one will talk about the favors, colors, etc. Everyone will talk about how much fun they had and will be able to look back at the fabulous photos and video for years to come!


Say thank you to those you love most and all of the vendors that made your day happen! While we all know that the wedding day is all about the happy couple, chances are that your family, friends and vendors helped you along the way. A simple thank you or gesture can go a long way in expressing your appreciation.


There are great opportunities in your wedding plan to save money (ie. wedding favours, centrepieces, linens), but you always want to make sure you invest in the parts of the wedding that will live on forever: through photography. Don’t cut costs by picking a cheaper or less experienced/reliable/trusted studio. Pictures are the only thing you get to take home at the end of the night (other than each other).


Whichever package you decide to order for your wedding photos/film, know that we have various options available. Everything is customizable with our studio team at VidMedia including even the delivery speed of your editing if you truly need!