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How to Plan a Reception Only Wedding - ft. Klaudia & Mike

Want to plan a reception-only wedding with no ceremony?

If you’re already married, eloped, or had a small ceremony, we’ll tell you how to throw a reception wedding with your loved ones. Spoiler alert: it's pretty much a regular wedding without the extra locations and usually a shorter day 🤫

Below are a few sample photos from one of our favourite couples Klaudia & Mike - who often choose to book us at VidMedia for their life milestones. We had the honour of capturing their religious ceremony a few years back during co-19 and it was finally time for their official party/celebration! ❤️

Regardless of the how and why, you’re married now, and celebrating is in order!

Just because you eloped or planned a private wedding ceremony during a time when events were limited in size doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have a huge party with your favourite people at a later date! Getting married is a big, wonderful thing and you can — and should — do it YOUR way.

Due to no prep and ceremony captures, we started this day with a family photo session time-slot at the venue.

If you’re already married and want to plan a reception after a private wedding ceremony or elopement, think about it as a giant celebration with loved ones. Your favourite people. All those smiling faces that wished they could have been there on the original wedding date, but couldn’t for various reasons.

What do you envision?

Once you check out a few venues (plan on at least two, maybe three), it’ll be easier to envision what your reception only wedding will be like. You only need to figure out space for the reception, so that’s very helpful (vs. choosing a ceremony space and a reception venue to hold enough people).

Then, decide whether you’d like a large, small, on in-between size based on space and budget.

Invitations for a Reception-Only Wedding