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Why Plan a Destination Wedding in Mexico?

Mexico has long been a popular destination for Canadians looking to tie the knot abroad. The weather in Mexico is usually more than pleasant and there are plenty of fabulous coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with stunning beaches stretching 6,000 miles. So how do you start planning for one?

Start with deciding what kind of wedding you want: family and closest friends or as many people as you think might come. Generally, the people who will travel for a destination wedding are the ones who most want to be there: your family, your parent’s friends who knew you growing up, your circle of friends as a couple or from work, and your childhood and college friends with whom you are still in contact.

Destination weddings often times total up to a less expensive option than local weddings in Canada, with the contingency that guests pay for their own accommodation/ all inclusive stay.

Many resorts offer a free trip when you book a minimum number of rooms and many of our brides/grooms have taken advantage of this by using that free trip to offset our travel!

After the big celebration, the cake, flowers, DJ etc. will be gone… but great photographs and video will always be there offering you a return ticket to that special time.  

It makes good sense to have professionals around you that you can rely on and trust.

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