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Festive October Engagement Photos - Sage & Tyler

Here is one of our newest and most favourite photoshoot spots just a short distance from our studio location. Why is it a new fav? Because it has TONS of natural backdrops to work with, looks amazing in the Fall season, and doesn't require a permit!

Props! Using props can add personality and a unique style to your engagement photos. There are lots of things you can use for your engagement photos, such as balloons, champagne glasses, or in this case..some blankets and pumpkins to really accent that Fall Season look😊

When couples say “we’re really awkward in front of the camera” – we think of two things.

Firstly, almost every person we've ever photographed has said that which statistically means it’s just not true.

Secondly, when was the last time you were photographed by someone who has years of experience in getting non-models to relax and look natural in front of the camera? We promise when you work with professionals you will get great results like Sage and Tyler here❤️

We have no issues with a wardrobe change for your engagement photo session! Just be mindful that it does take away from your hour duration and you will more than likely have to do use your vehicle as a change room 😂 Something as easy as switching the colour of a top can create a completely different look 📸

Engagement images like these with Tyler and Sage can be used for so many various reasons! Guest books, canvases, wedding reception decor, invitations, and more! But most importantly, a pre wedding shoot helps you get comfortable with the cameras 🙌🏼

We ended off this October session with none other than Jack-O_lantrun heads! becuase...why not?!

We're always up for some fun shots and Sage & Tyler did not disappoint with this creative idea ❤️

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