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Palais Royal Wedding Photography & Video - Natasha & Shaun

Natasha & Shaun's wedding at Palais Royal unfolded beautifully and we have the photos/video to prove it below! In this blog, we will explore "The Top 3 top tips that will ensure your big day goes smoothly and memorably".

1. Start the wedding plans early

It is always better to be prepared beforehand than suddenly falling into a dump of never-ending tasks. Weddings are all well and good until you have nothing under control and everything seems to fall apart. Even if you have planned a date for the wedding that is far off; it’s always a good idea to start preparing for the big event beforehand. This means securing vendors such as ourselves who often book up to 2 years in advance.

2. Think about what will amaze your guests and keep them engaged

Guests invited to weddings are truly important. They mostly consist of all family, friends and relatives who are dear to the bride and groom. You definitely want the guests to be awestruck when they join you on your wedding day.

To add some fun to the wedding bash you can get entertainment features such as our mirror photobooth or add in a Same Day Edit video to play on screen at the venue. Because nobody at the end of the day wants a boring wedding or one where guests depart before midnight.

3. Make everything about the wedding personal; including the little things

Your wedding should reflect you. From the décor to food and dress codes, let everything in the wedding incorporate facets of you and your partner’s personalities. Let your wedding make everyone go “That’s so them.”

It is SO important to remember why you are having a wedding in the first place. Plan to take a couple minutes for just the two of you to reflect and be together. Have fun and enjoy your day!

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