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Real Toronto Yacht Proposal Photography & Video - Justin & Gabrielle

How to plan and capture a real engagement proposal through photos/video you ask?

However you envision it, you'll want proper film/photos captured of the moment - trust us!

Justin had contacted us a few weeks back to plan out a surprise proposal for his girlfriend (now fiancé) Gabrielle! This is how it unfolded ❤️

The yacht photoshoot was staged to be a graduation gift for Gabby and her friends 🤫🤫🤫🤫

Little did she know…Justin had planned out another agenda and was hiding on the very same boat the entire time. 👏🏼 We assisted with making a proper game plan for this unravelling and even played the part to make it look like we were there to photograph the group...but secretly, everyone knew what was really about to go down.

We had made a game plan with Justin prior to and decided to have Gabrielle come up to the upper level for some solo photos…where the moment would unfold. To us, this felt like the best set up in order to capture genuine reactions as she came up (which would have been impossible to do anywhere else on the boat).

The best part was….that she didnt even notice Justin at first on her way up and started posing for what she thought were action shots 😂😂

The natural moment was executed perfectly and from there we moved onto some creative compositions in and around the yacht to celebrate the proposal. Like, HOW GORGEOUS do these city backdrops look?

Thank you to everyone that helped make this moment happen 🙏🏼

We hope you enjoyed some of this projects captures 😊

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