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Toronto Wedding Photographers/Videographers Who Can Shoot Indian Weddings - ft.Melissa & Troy

At VidMedia we aren't strangers to any culture and have photographed the weddings of couples from all over the world, from all varieties of backgrounds, traditions and more.

So when we get asked "have you ever done an Indian wedding"?..the answer is "DUH".

Lets explore "How To Photograph an Indian Wedding" featuring just a few select samples from our couple Melissa and Troy's week long Hindu wedding.

Not only is our office located in Brampton, where majority of our clientele plans for South Asian Weddings, but we have also actually had the honour of capturing these types of cultural events all over Canada or as far as in Trinidad & Tobago. Because the language of good photography and film is all in the details, in the experience of the team, and in the brand behind the lenses.

So yes, we are well experienced in Indian weddings; don't let that be a worry factor 😊

Indian weddings are colourful, joyful, and rich in traditions. But they can also be very complicated to photograph, especially if you’re not familiar with Indian culture. Luckily, we know what to focus on, when to step in or step away, and are dialed in with an editing style that will really bring the media pieces to life ❤️

1. Taking Photos of Pre-Wedding Rituals

Our wedding photo/film packages can be customized and our clients can add as much time coverage as their hearts desire.

If having a multiple day event, we definitely encourage allocating photo/video time to some of your pre wedding events at both the bride and groom's end! Estimate a minimum of 2 hours for any pre wedding coverage.

A few common pre-wedding rituals include:

  • Mehendi

  • Sangeet

  • Haldi

2. A South Asian Wedding is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to Capture by one person

A wedding with hundreds of guests and multiple events can’t be captured well by one person alone. At VidMedia, our vast crew is able to split up accordingly, not only wth production responsibilities but with multiple locations as well.

If having a bountiful amount of quality photos and film captures from your wedding is a priority to you, it is always BEST to consider our Combo 2 Package with 2 photographers and 2 filmmakers (split at our discretion for best logistics).


It’s not just the brides that will catch your eye when photographing an Indian wedding.

The whole affair is an incredible fusion of colours.

Our VidMedia Vibrant art style is perfect for photographing weddings like this and our workmanship really does wonders to the final edited media!

3. Plan Out Your Timeline - and ADD extra coverage! Trust Us!

When it comes to Indian wedding photography/film, the timeline varies vastly. Average coverage of an Indian wedding can be anywhere from 12 to 20 hours over the entire week span. The reason being that there are so many things taking place, and they all take time. It's better to have more coverage and more photo/film captures than regret it afterwards. A good photo/film team will know how to allocate camera time for best results.


It’s possible that while documenting an Indian wedding, you could find yourself shooting in the bright midday sun for long hours. And under that harsh lighting, artificial lighting setups could be your saviour. You'll be surprised at how many "natural light photography" advocates cannot handle true control of light when it comes to indoor moments such as a Hindu Wedding ceremony.

Great FLASH skills can make ordinary images look artistically extraordinary.

See below for what we mean 😊


Yes, weddings are all about the bride and groom, but photographing the guests at an Indian wedding is equally important. Family and guest photos are given a lot of importance at Indian weddings. They are also something that makes the parents happy. At most Indian weddings, each guest expects to get a photograph with the couple as well so allocate a good timeslot for this accordingly (usually on stage right after your ceremony works best).