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Luxe Convention Centre Wedding Photography & Video

One question that comes up time and time again is “When do you hire your wedding photographer/videographer”?

We must admit that we're a tad baffled as to why it is such a popular question because I thought the answer was simple: book your photographer/videographer as soon as possible!

Seriously, brides and grooms: as. soon. as. possible. We personally have bookings and reservations set up to 2 years in advance! So if you know you want a specific vendor for your day, don't delay ✅

Lets explore "When Most Couples Book Their Wedding Photo/Video team" - featuring samples from our recent couple Marwan & Zainab's beautiful wedding reception (no ceremony)

  1. Booking Based On Your Engagement Time

  • The average Canadian couple is engaged for approximately 19 months.

  • After getting engaged and celebrating with family, couples typically choose their date and immediately sit down and start looking for vendors. This is the ideal time to start locking in your selections.

2. Booking Based On Priority/ Importance

  • The vendors that the vast majority of couples book first are: reception location, ceremony location and photo/video studio

  • This means that these major players can book, on average, 15 to 18 months in advance.

Side Note: If we have to step in and rush or direct you, we absolutely will if it means you getting amazing photo/video results.

For example, the sunset photos below took some chasing as we had to convince and push our bride and groom to step outside of the reception to catch the magical rays in believe it or not....the parking lot!

Due to some scheduling delays earlier, we think it was worth to get these in - don't you agree? 😊

The remainder of the event after that was very candid; full of dancing, some singing, cheers, and an LED robot!? What!!??

3. Booking Based On Popular Wedding Dates

  • Some wedding dates are simply more popular than others.

  • August and September remain the 2 most popular months for weddings followed by July, October, June and June.

  • If you’re getting married during a popular month or on a long weekend it’s more crucial to book your vendors as soon as possible because there stands a greater possibility of them already being booked.

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