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Why Wedding Photographers Charge What They Charge? ft. Humber Bay Arch Bridge Wedding Photography

Regardless of where you stand on things like late-night reception snacks or extravagant floral centrepieces, most couples mutually agree that gorgeous wedding photos and video are a must.

This blog will give you a better perspective as to ‘Why Wedding Photographers Charge What They Charge?’

1. Wedding photography is a lot more work than just the wedding day; especially if the studio you are hiring also offers additional features such as videography, photobooth, and live streaming services like us.

What may seem like just a few hours of work on a wedding day to the outside eye, is far more demanding and intricate in reality. Our job as a photo/film studio starts from the first consultation, to learning what the couple wants, to planning engagement shoots, capturing the actual day, and editing for an enormous amount of time afterwards.

Also website management, social media management and marketing hours and dollars play a factor as well. A 10 hour wedding day contract can easily need between 80-100+ hours of work before and after the actual production date.

2. Wedding Photography Is More Demanding than An Average Office Job

Nerves get in the way. Emotions are at an all-time high. Timelines get thrown off. Other vendors such as make up artists may not finish their duties on time. Families clash. And in the middle: the wedding photographers trying their best to make everything as perfect as possible.

It’s not easy maintaining your cool, even when things around you get hectic. Ensuring that you get all your shots, even if your time gets cut short.

You have to truly be passionate about documenting someone’s special day. Missing out on your family time and events on weekends and working long hours with minimal breaks requires determination.


We would argue that this is the number one reason wedding photography/videography costs so much. You hire a wedding studio based on the look of and the quality of work they produce as well as their branding and reputation.

It takes so much experience for a wedding studio to develop their shooting technique, to find their perfect editing style, and to find the best way to interact with each subject. This takes both natural talent and high dedication to practice until they reach the ever elusive perfection.

You want to pay for the assurance that the team capturing your big day knows how to handle any sort of lighting, any setbacks or time delays, and knows how to smoothly handle prominent personalities and reluctant subjects.

Wedding photography isn’t just a purchase.

Your wedding dress is a purchase,;you shall wear it once and that is all; your wedding flowers are a purchase, after a few days they shall wilt and that will be that, however your wedding photography is an investment.

The good thing is that wedding photo/film studios can come in all different price ranges, however, you have to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

With us at VidMedia, your financial commitment is always put at ease with small payment instalments and payment breakdowns up until AFTER the editing process 😊

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