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The First 5 Things You Need to Do to Start Planning Your Wedding! ft Teasers from Samantha & Lincoln

Ready to start planning your wedding?

Well, it’s a multi-step process that usually takes months. We know, we know, you’re excited, but if you take on too much too soon, you’re bound to get stressed out. Heck, you may even find yourself in bridezilla or groomzilla territory - which no one wants.

To save yourself from biting off more than you can chew, start with the five main pillars of wedding planning.

Enjoy some sneak peaks below from Samantha & Lincoln's wedding day featuring

"The First 5 Things You Need to Do to Start Planning Your Wedding!"

#1 Set your budget

The first step in your journey is setting a wedding budget. Now, we know talking dollars and cents is never fun, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had. Meet with everyone who’s contributing to your big day to figure out exactly how much you can spend to save you from going overboard in the early phases of planning.

Tip: Vendors like us will have easy payment splits and instalments set ups throughout your entire planning process and beyond!

#2 Pick your date

The second thing you’ll want to do is set your wedding date. You’ll want to make a list of major holidays, important events (think milestone birthdays and anniversaries) and local celebrations that may mess with your wedding plans. You’ll probably want to avoid all of those, if at all possible.

#3 Make your guest list

Before you get into plotting out your guest list you’ll want to take a few deep breaths and channel your inner yogi, because it can get a bit stressful. Remember, your list doesn’t have to be set in stone just yet, but you should have a pretty good idea of the number of people you’ll be hosting.

Do you want a massive 100+ person outdoor event or only 20 of your nearest and dearest? Have a meeting with your spouse and both sets of parents and hash things out. This ballpark number will help you find a venue that fits your group perfectly.

#4 Book your venue

When you start planning, you don’t need to have your wedding theme ironed out or your colour palette set in stone to find that perfect venue. In fact, your venue might be just what you need to inspire your wedding’s finer details. If you fall in love with a rustic barn it may encourage you to choose wildflowers for your arrangements and a more casual catering style. Alternatively, if your heart gets stolen by a swanky hotel ballroom you may be more inclined to host a black tie affair complete with a live jazz band and ritzy hors d'oeuvres.

5. Book Your Service Vendors Based On Priority/ Importance

The vendors that the vast majority of couples book first are: reception location, ceremony location and a photo/video studio (thats us!)

This means that these major players can book, on average, 15 to 18 months in advance.

  • The Planning Process Will Be Smoother if you Hire One Company For both Photography & Video

Hiring a photo and video team like ours from the same studio will put you in the best position for exceptional wedding documentation, even if that means stressfully relocating to a photoshoot location and only having 30 minutes to create fire captures like below due to timeline constraints 😂

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